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Edible Wedding Favors: Stained Glass Heart Sugar Cookie

Edible Wedding Favors: Stained Glass Heart Sugar Cookie

heartcookie1.jpgIf you're planning on some DIY goodies to keep your guests happy you
must check out these stained glass heart cookie favors from The Decorated Cookie. Firstly, who doesn't love a homemade cookie? Secondly, how incredibly cute and creative is the tiny 'stained glass' heart?

heartcookie2.jpgFollow the recipe here, stick them on
lollipop sticks, cover with cellophane bag and add your ribbon color of
choice. I think they'd be great as wedding reception favors or even at your bridal shower. These cuties do take a bit of work, but totally worth the 'oohs
and awws' you'll get in return don't you think?

heartcookie32.jpgImages from The Decorated Cookie found via The Tom Kat Studio