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Destination Wedding Gear For Men - Lightweight Seersucker Suits

Now, we thought it was about time to focus on The Bridegroom.

We're written plenty about destination weddings and the bride - what to wear, which flowers to carry, how to accessorise, how to style your hair - and now it's time for men to get a look in.

Destination weddings tend to be held in hotter climes - after all, you're probably planning a wedding where you're guaranteed a bright blue sky on your big day.

So, although a dark suit and tie will look wonderful on your bridegroom under normal circumstances, under a tropical sun he's just going to get hot and bothered.

Also - he might be wanting to feel the sand between his toes on the beach while he says his wedding vows - so something a little more informal is the way to go.

Which is why Dessy has created two different styles of destination wedding suits that he is going to love.

seersucker suit by Dessy

One's in a classic cool seersucker.

The word Seersucker originates from the Persian words "shir u shakar", meaning "milk and sugar", because of its smooth and rough stripes resembling the smooth surface of milk and bumpy texture of sugar.

Joseph Haspel, who founded a small manufacturing business in 1909 in New Orleans, is said to have created a seersucker garment for the working class. But the fabric was soon embraced by Southern gentlemen and eventually by well-to-do Ivy Leaguers.

It was famously worn by FDR, West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd, actor Andy Griffith as TV's Matlock, and actor Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch.

The Dessy seersucker suit is the ultimate summer suit, close fitting without being restrictive. Seersucker is a breathable fabric and it also doesn't need to be pressed. It's a classic, so part of a man's wardrobe for years to come.

classic Khaki mens suit by Dessy

Alternatively, check the khaki Dessy classic summer suit. It offers a cool style that, as the big day wears on, evolves into a slightly rumpled signature.

For both suits, jacket and trousers are available in separate different sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

Apart from being superbly suitable for a destination wedding, both these suits will form a wardrobe staple for years to come.

You can buy online at Dessy.com.