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The Secrets of Wearing a Fascinator at Weddings

(Image via Creative Commons)

Fascinators are bang on trend at weddings. Kate Middleton - now The Duchess of Cambridge - started off the fashion. (In fact, why not rename them "Kates"?)

In all the photographs we've seen of the Duchess of Cambridge as a wedding guest, she looks fabulous wearing this type of headgear. She picks styles to complement the color and cut of her outfits and her choices are memorable for all the right reasons.

In fact, we'd really like the Duchess to give us her hints as she is so obviously an expert. How does she keep her fascinators on, for a start? Especially when it's windy, for example when she launched a lifeboat.

Obviously, we can't ask the Duchess. But here are our tips for wearing a fascinator to a wedding elegantly.

Top Tips for Wearing Fascinators

  • There are fascinators to suit every woman, whether you're looking to make a statement or add a touch of glamour to your outfit. So if you think they won't suit you, you probably just haven't tried the right style yet.
  • Fascinators can be worn for the whole day (forget about worrying where to put your hat at the wedding breakfast) and they don't give you Hat Hair. They look great both at the service and at an evening reception.
  • Fascinators are so varied and versatile, even the bride and bridesmaids can wear them.
  • You can match your fascinator color to your outfit, or choose one in different shades to pick out the varying tones of your dress.
  • Fascinators are usually worn to one side - if you have a parting, then wear your fascinator there.
  • With very short hair, wearing a fascinator attached to a hair band is the easiest option.
  • When fitting fascinators with a comb attached, decide where you want the headpiece positioned. If you have thick hair, slide the comb backwards through your hair about an inch (the opposite way your hair falls), holding the fascinator at a slight angle to feel the teeth against your scalp. Then tip the comb, rest the fascinator on your head and push down in the direction your hair falls. The fascinator should then grip.
  • For finer hair (or extra security) take a small section of hair, comb in the opposite direction to the way your hair falls and grip with a hair pin. You then have a sound base in which to slide the fascinator.
  • For extra security, backcomb a section of hair before gripping and then spray with a small amount of hairspray before fitting the headpiece.
  • The general rule with fitting combs is to slide them back onto themselves to create an abrasive surface which will GRIP!
  • Wash your hair the day before you want to wear your fascinator, not the day-of. This helps to keep it in place.
  • Consider your hair color. Redheads look great with natural and earth tones such as beiges, browns, camel, dark and olive greens. Blondes should go for light warm colours like coral, turquoise, apple - neutral navy, beige and taupe also look gorgeous. Brunettes suit bright, deep shades. Think hot pink, purple, bright blue and emerald, and again neutral black and navy.