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Tuxedos + Suits

Renting a tuxedo vs. buying - what's right for you?




Buy Vs. Rent a Tux: Budget

Renting a Tux is easier on the wallet if you will wear the tux only once or you are in need of a particular style for a particular event. Accessories are typically included with the rental (shirt, shoes, tie, cufflinks).

Buying a Tux can be more cost-effective if you plan to wear it two or more times. Or if you are planning on customizing your accessories to your own personal style which can be worn again, with or without your tux.

Buy Vs. Rent a Tux: Style

Renting a Tux is a great way to suit up in this season's top colors, fabrics & patterns. If wearing the latest trends is your thing, or if you're looking to match your groomsmen perfectly, renting a tuxedo is the easiest option.

Buying a Tux is a great option if you are looking to suit up in a timeless tuxedo, and accessories that reflect your unique taste. A modern fit tuxedo made from extra-fine wool can be worn year-round, and will never go out of style.

Buy Vs. Rent a Tux: Fit

Renting a Tux is a good option if you wear a standard size, or if your size tends to fluctuate seasonally or yearly. Minor, temporary alterations to sleeve or pant length are usually possible.

Buying a Tux will allow you to make a statement at your wedding or formal event with a perfectly fitted tuxedo. You'll look your absolute best by having your tuxedo tailored specifically to your body.

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Whether you want to Own or Rent a Tux, we've got what you need.

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